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Angels Secret Negative Ion Day Pad


Each pad actually has 7 levels, which is amazing considering how thin it is.

These 7 layers ensure there’s no leakage, it won’t rip off when you move a lot, and at the same time making it breathable so it will feel fresher down there.

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Angel Secret Dynamic Set includes

Why Choose Angels Secret Negative Ion Day Pad?

Angels Secret Negative Ion day pad, finally the secret is out

  • Super Absorbent Strong moisture retention center with an instant-dry surface layer, also it provides a comfortable and clean experience in as little as 8 seconds.
  • Highly Breathable Designed with seven breathable layers also promote a dry, odor-free experience.
  • Negative Ion Technology Promotes clean and natural health through the patented Negative Ion Core™.
  • Anti-leakage Design Duo-Dry core, for optimal penetration into a high absorption layer.
  • Reinforced with double-lined leakage barriers, therefore it locks in moisture and protect from side leakage.

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